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Simple rectangular and very strong table. It is extendable and it has an aluminium sliding system and a jamming system. It can be made 60 or 100 cm longer and there is also the possibility to have two 50cm extendable parts. In spite of its simplicity and fine structurethe extendable parts are kept inside the table. The legs can be in aluminium or in wood.

Variants and sizes
  • 90cm (A) x 75cm (B) x 130 (+60)cm (C) [REF. T70]
  • 90cm (A) x 75cm (B) x 140 (+60)cm (C) [REF. T70]
  • 90cm (A) x 75cm (B) x 150 (+60/+2x50)cm (C) [REF. T70]
  • 90cm (A) x 75cm (B) x 160 (+60/+2x50)cm (C) [REF. T70]
  • 90cm (A) x 75cm (B) x 180 (+60/+2x50)cm (C) [REF. T70]
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Colors and finishes

  • Chapa de nogal 40


  • Chapa de nogal 41


  • Lacado mate moka


  • Lacado mate blanco


  • D

  • 23

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