Mobles Constans

Model: Astrologa

|designer|Jordi Galí|
Collection: Zanzibar|Spaces: Collective buildings, Day |Product: Bookstores

Cherry wood framed shelves with fixed racks which include aci-engraved glasses used as bookcases. Lighetd display cabinets or groups of 2 drawers can be incorporated tho these structures. Thes two last optional elements will be distributed either lacquered or with cherry wood panels.

Variants and sizes
  • 60cm (A) x 195cm (B) x 36cm (C) [REF. L21]
  • 120cm (A) x 195cm (B) x 36cm (C) [REF. L22]
  • 53.5cm (A) x 37.5cm (B) x 32cm (C) [REF. L26]
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Colors and finishes

  • D

  • L

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Mobles Constans

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