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Model: Rodona pillars

|designer|Jaume Torras|
Collection: Rodona|Spaces: Day |Product: Auxiliary
Rodona pillars
Variants and sizes
  • 44cm (A) x 50cm (B) x 38cm (C) [REF. RK101]
  • 44cm (A) x 88cm (B) x 38cm (C) [REF. RK102]
  • 44cm (A) x 118cm (B) x 38cm (C) [REF. RK103]
  • 44cm (A) x 160cm (B) x 38cm (C) [REF. RK104]
  • 44cm (A) x 160cm (B) x 38cm (C) [REF. RK105]
  • 60cm (A) x 8cm (B) x 26cm (C) [REF. RK-106]
  • 90cm (A) x 8cm (B) x 26cm (C) [REF. RK-107]
  • 120cm (A) x 8cm (B) x 26cm (C) [REF. RK-108]
  • 90cm (A) x 8cm (B) x 60cm (C) [REF. RK-109]
  • 90cm (A) x 75 (81)cm (B) x 120cm (C) [REF. RK-110]
  • 90cm (A) x 75 (81)cm (B) x 140cm (C) [REF. RK-111]
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Rodona pillarsRodona pillarsRodona pillarsRodona pillarsRodona pillarsRodona pillars

Colors and finishes

  • M

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